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Eastern Cape Environmental Network

The  Eastern Cape Environmental Network (ECEN) is a membership-based organisation that was officially established in 2008.

It was set up in response to the call by various Eastern Cape NGOs, CBOS, Faith groups, Youth Formations  that identified the need for an umbrella organisation to coordinate environmental organisations for environmental justice, social justice and sustainable development through networking.

Our Causes

Solid waste management, Food sovereignty programme, Climate & Energy Justice

Solid waste management

The fact that waste dumping and services is not a key issue in the South African State of Environment Report is an indication of government denial towards the growing challenge we have with waste management in South Africa. Indeed it was only in 2008, 14 years after democracy, that legislation pertaining to waste management reached the Presidency.

Food sovereignty programme

ECEN challenges the industrialised food system and advocates agroecology as the ecologically sustainable alternative that protects and builds biodiversity, is empowering to farmers, and promotes food sovereignty – local community control over our food and the way it is produced.

Climate & Energy Justice

The Climate and Energy Justice Campaign focuses on a just energy transition from a dirty, fossil fuel based energy system to one that means clean and accessible electricity, owned by people. groundWork works with community groups to analyse and understand the impacts of South Africa’s dirty energy…

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